Lawn Aeration in Colorado Springs, CO

Get expert lawn aeration services at your home

Absolutely Green offers a full range of lawn care services that can help your yard grow healthy and stay healthy. One of the services we offer in Colorado Springs, CO is lawn aeration. We can aerate your lawn to make your grass and plants flourish.

If you’ve noticed that your grass is thin or dry, lawn aeration might be the solution. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of lawn aeration.

How does lawn aeration work?

Your grass, plants and trees rely on nutrients to survive and thrive. But if your soil is densely packed, your foliage might not be getting what it needs to stay healthy. Aerating your lawn will ensure that essential nutrients will reach the roots.

Choose Absolutely Green for lawn aeration services in Colorado Springs, CO. We’ll use our professional-grade aeration equipment to remove plugs of soil from your yard. This will loosen any compacted soil and help your grass get the nutrients it needs. The result is a beautiful, healthy lawn. Call us to get started today.